Technical Difficulties

For those not in the know – my iPhone 7 has died slightly past its third birthday.

Begging the repair-shop that there must be way to restore it in its former glory. I was disheartened to find out they could only revive it if it were have amnesia. Something I could not bear to handle.


Hence, I am awaiting a new fresh upgrade.

This will usher a new age of better photos to events that don’t allow my trusted DSLR.

However, this is the kicker. I have lost at least 700 if the most recent photos meaning there are events that are picture-less. Worry not, majority of them I attended I used my companion’s phone instead. These include upcoming posts on:

  • (10/10/2019) FKJ at O2 Academy Brixton
  • (04/11/2019) BANKS at Roundhouse
  • (12/10/2019) Flume at O2 Academy Brixton
  • (29/11/2019) blackbear at O2 Academy Brixton

This is going to take time in chasing those sources but expect a guest post on Thursday.

It feels so good to back.

~I know we been fallin’ off-track~
~Bring it right back~

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